Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked the same questions by our potential customers, and so have created this FAQ page to try to provide quick answers to these common questions.

Can my loft be converted?
Most people are put off a loft conversion as they think it is too small to be used as a room. Around 90% of traditionally built roofs can be converted with the help of our surveyors and architects whose experience can provide solutions to most issues.
How much will it cost?
As your loft is as unique as your expectations we cannot give an accurate figure here, this is why we will visit you in your home to discuss your needs and requirements, go through your options. Then you will then receive an detailed no-obligation free quotation outlining everything.
Is my loft too small?
Building Regulations insist that the loft must be at least 2.3m or 7'6" at its highest point which is normally the apex (pointed bit at the top). These measurements are from the ceiling boards below to the felt at the highest point.
What about my existing loft services?
The two main issues, plumbing (water tanks) and chimney stacks are dealt with at the planning stage and any further work is undertaken by our skilled tradesmen.
How long will the work take?
On average, a full conversion takes around 5-8 weeks from commencement to completion to allow for the construction, electrical, plastering and other service work involved. If you are having en-suite facilities this can be slightly longer to allow for the extra plumbing work.
What about Planning Permission
Planning permission is generally only required if a dormer is going in on the front of a building facing a road or your building is within a conservation or other specially designated area. Also if there has been substantial development of your property in the past, Planning Permission may be required however we can advise and our team of architects will confirm any further queries you may have. All aspects of the Planning Process will be dealt with by our in house team.
What about Building Regulations?
As with Planning Permission, we deal with the Building Regulations and any required inspections with the Local Council responsible for your area. All the necessary paperwork and certificates will be completed and handed over upon completion of the job. The costs for this are indicated in the quotation.

For more information or to request a quotation, please contact us